Family Counseling
Family counseling will educate the whole family on mental health issues and allows the family to deal with distributions in their lives.


Henderson Outreach Program is committed to provide exceptional service to the adolescents and their families in the Pikes region.  We will provide the following services to assist with mental health support and the prevention of suicide.

Individual Counseling
Clinical mental health counseling is a crucial component to helping our troubled youth deal with day to day life.  Counseling will be provided by a licensed mental health counselor.
Mental Health Assessments
An assessment provided by a mental health professional to determine whether or not your child has an issue or problem that would benefit from mental health counseling.  This evaluation can take the form or an interview with you and your child, separately and together.
Workshops will be offered to all El Paso County school districts.  Topics will be determined based on the needs of each district with special emphasis on mental health support and suicide prevention.
Group Sessions
The topic of each group will be determined by the needs of the targeted population.  
Partnerships with local community organizations allows us to find the resources needed to assist this targeted population with the services needed.